Why do case studies work?

Wouldn’t it be great if people understood exactly how much you did for them and treasured your worth? And then they told all your prospective and existing clients how great you are. What would target do for your business?

This is the power of a case study. So how does it do this?

As marketers, we talk about the marketing wheel. (See diagram) This is an excellent tool for highlighting the daily process of marketing our business. It is a wheel because there is no specific order. It is a continuous circle.


There is a section called Engage; this is about engaging with our clients to build a trusting relationship. Then an area called Delight; that focuses on customer service and delighting the people we deal with daily. These are the two sections we can cover with case studies.

For people to trust you, they need to understand what you can do for them and have confidence that you can deliver this. This is the purpose of a case study. It details what we have done and how we did it, explains the process to our clients, and how we go the extra mile for them.
If we include a testimonial from a delighted client, it will further endorse what we have said with evidence.

We can also use a case study to show other aspects of our business, such as how we designed a product from concept design to manufacture or How we delivered a project from start to finish and how effective the results were.

Once we have the case studies or stories, we then need to get these in front of our audience. This is where the video is so compelling.
A written case study is a start; however, there is s danger that it stays hidden, maybe on a website page or a folder on your desktop, instead of working for you.

We need to get our stories out in front of people, and video is much more engaging than text.

Studies show that viewers retain 95% of a video’s message compared to 10% when reading text. Also, according to Hubspot, 80% of customers remember a video they viewed in the past month.

There are so many channels we can use to push the video. Social media, email marketing, and website are just a few.
Maybe you’re tendering or delivering a proposal. Have you considered attaching a link to a relevant case study is a great endorsement and helps to give confidence.

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