Visual Marketing – your visability online

Visual Marketing is about your visibility online.

Brand Visibility and brand awareness are the critical components of any marketing campaign. If prospects can’t see you or have never heard of you, how can they be expected to buy from you?

Although closely aligned, visibility and awareness are two different aspects. Brand awareness is how familiar people are with your brand, and brand visibility is the frequency at which your brand is seen across multiple channels.

“Marketing is a contest for people’s attention”, Seth Godin.

It’s about getting people’s attention. If your competitor is being seen, but you’re not, all other factors, such as price, service, and availability, become irrelevant.


Visual marketing is about emphasising your visibility, which can be in design, still photography or moving images.

Both design and photography significantly catch people’s attention, especially if it is exceptional and triggers their imagination. If the image tells a story even better, it will stay in the memory for longer.

However, with the continual battle to capture people’s attention, video is a clear leader. It is more engaging, keeping the viewer’s attention for longer and helping to tell the story.

People like watching compelling videos that give you a better chance of delivering your message.

Once clients know you, you need to keep them inside the net. It’s your opportunity to educate them and instil trust. Trust is essential in today’s marketplace, where clients do extensive research before deciding. Video is an excellent medium for communicating visually and building a relationship. Your prospects are continually looking to build trusted relationships.

Visual marketing can help you get there.

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