TV Adverts

TV Advert production is not just for the major players with multi-million pound budgets and here at DT Studios we cater for companies of all sizes, handling the entire TV ad production from script to screen.

Running an ad on TV allows you to build trust and increase sales by putting you directly in front of your customers.

TV adverts are memorable!

How much does it cost to have a TV advert?

There are two costs involved, one is the buying of an advert spot on the TV channel and the other is the production of the advert.

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TV Spot

For smaller digital channels, prices start at around £50 to £200 for daytime airing and £150 to £400 for peak-time viewing.

For medium channels, i.e SKY, they can start from £150 with Sky’s AdSmart offer and you can get really targeted results for the best ROI.

For the larger channels, such as ITV and C4, you might be looking at £1000-£4000 for off-peak and £10,000 to £40,000 for peak viewing times with a few special events demanding significantly more (Channel 5 comes in slightly cheaper).

Advert Production

Production costs start from £10,000 all the way to £250,000 for a standard TV blockbuster advert with the top stars and famous music tracks.


Why us

DT Studios has a wealth of experience providing video services and we don’t just do the filming; we look at things from a marketing perspective to make sure you get a return on investment and we get a returning client!


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