Sign Language in your Video

What is accessibility when it comes to video?

Just like every other aspect of life, we as video creators strive to be inclusive in everything we do and there are some well established ways of achieving this with video, i.e. closed captions / subtitles which also serves as an advantage for everyone due to the fact that a lot of people do not have sound on at work and this enables the message to be presented in those situations as well. So what was originally designed to help the hard of hearing or deaf has now become main stream.

We can add closed caption / subtitle to every video that we do (providing there are words spoken in the video) and if this is something you would like done on your videos then just speak to us about this service. This is done in-house and can even be done in multiple languages.

Sample of Closed Caption / Subtitled Video

So this method is great but it does lose the personal touch and we feel that if your corporate responsibility is to be all inclusive and you have the means to lead in your industry then visual sign language is a great step forward into bringing everyone together.

We’ve teamed up with Sign Solutions and we are now able to offer this as an additional service to your finished video. Have a look at the sample below and if this is something you would like to consider on your next video project then just let us know and we’ll get it organised easily and painlessly.

Sample of Sign Language Video