Why a Video Case Study will win you more business

We live in a time when business is fierce, and deals are won and lost on small margins. We spend a lot of time on marketing to our clients to keep the sales funnel topped up, that takes time and money so reasonable conversion rates are critical.

What can a case study video achieve?

Used in the correct way a case study is a very powerful tool that can be used throughout the marketing process. However, it is at its most effective when used to close a deal.

A Case Study Video provides a real and relevant overview of your capabilities showcasing the value of your product or service while instilling confidence and building trust.
In addition to that, it provides your client with excellent PR by highlighting their success.

What are the factors that make a winning case study?

  • Planning is key. You are researching so that you understand the message, the benefits and the results.
  • Tell a story; this helps to keep the viewer engaged and helps to emphasise the points you want to make.
  • Educate but don’t try to sell. The minute you want to sell you will lose all the trust and confidence you have just built.
  • Be specific. Don’t try to include too much, select a single product or service or project and talk about the process and the results.

So by producing a video case study you provide all the positive evidence that is required to make a decision, significantly enhancing your chances of winning.

Douglas Anderson
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