Time-lapse – the demolition of Crown House, Kidderminster – UK

Back in the summer of 2019, we started a little project for the Wyre Forest District Council to capture the demolition of the UK famous Crown House which was voted as the second ugliest building in the UK for a TV program. Unfortunately, it didn’t come 1st so it didn’t get demolished by the TV company but that didn’t stop our local council putting a strategy in place to make way for future developments.

This was not going to be a quick process and as it tuned out it took 50% longer than expected and the original end goal of January turned into March due to unforeseen additional asbestous being found. As the project was going to be a long project (before the extension) we chose a timelapse camera that could last weeks at a time rather than having to be manned every. This proved extra useful as I don’t like heights and it turned out I had to go up a ladder every time I wanted to change the camera card or batteries and if I had to do it more than once a month I think I would have lost my nerve.

Terry setting up the camera for the Crown House in Kidderminster demolition

Getting up to this height was not in my comfort zone but it was great to see a different perspective.


The camera braved intense sunlight during the summer and even two major storms within its time in the wilderness and coped very well; even it does look a bit sun-beaten now.

Capturing long projects like this is a great piece of history and one that cannot be done again and we’re very grateful for being involved in this project and being able to capture history in the making.

Video timelapse of the Crown House, Kidderminster demolition

A few days into the start of the project (the weather wasn’t so nice right at the start)

A crane lift mini diggers onto the top of the roof

Covering to stop the dust, etc blowing all over town

Near the end when all the scaffolding has been removed

Last day of filming when just a solid base it left, ready for the next development

Terry Livesey