The salesperson you didn’t know you had

Product photography is the salesperson you didn’t know you had.

Product photography is the essential ingredient for getting your product to market.

Did you know, 70% of customers say that product photography was the most critical factor in their buying decision.

It really is the salesperson you didn’t know you had and it is a pretty efficient one.

Here are a few reasons why:

Creates a want.

Product photography gets the customer in the mood. They start to imagine what life would be like if they had this product, they then want it.

Have you ever seen a photo of ice cream on a hot day and thought, that’s what I want.

Creating a want will differentiate you from your competition. You are no longer competing like for like. When people want something, they will justify why they need it, so you’re more likely to make a sale

Builds Confidence

If you can’t see it, does it exist? When the client is buying online, they can’t touch and feel, so you have to give the client the next best thing; an image that will enable them to see exactly what they are getting.

Another reason is that by showing the product in different scenes depicting uses in a lifestyle to which they are familiar, they will be confident that it will serve its purpose.

This will help to reduce returns. Managing expectations so that the client is sure it is fit for purpose before receiving the product.


No pushy salesperson

It communicates the message you want to deliver without being pushy. The customer can view the product as much as they like without feeling pressured to decide.
Because of this, they are more likely to make the correct decision for themselves, which makes for a happy customer.

You can give exact dimensions, plant ideas with scene sets and make the product shine with creative lighting. These will all enhance the buying decision.

Enhances you brand

Like a great sales pitch, a professional image will enhance your brand.
Developing a style using creative scene sets that improve the product and plant ideas in the customer’s head. Making the product, the hero will ensure it stands out.

This doesn’t happen overnight. You have to work at it using the right images.

In Summary

So you see how professional product photography becomes an investment rather than a cost.
Producing professional photographs speaks volumes to the consumer. It shows you care about them and the product you are selling. Just like sending a well dressed, an experienced salesperson would.
This makes product photography the salesperson you didn’t realise you had.




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