Success is Infectious, so lets spread it.


Success is infectious; the more you have, the more it just seems to happen.

This is because everyone wants to work with successful people or companies, so the more you shout about it to others, the more success it is likely to bring.


So I say, lets spread it. Make it part of your marketing strategy to shout about your success and spread the word far and wide.




Social media offers you an excellent stage to do this. Informing your audience in the form of a post is one solution, but if you’re not careful, it could seem as if you’re being a bit big-headed.


To get over this try to tell your story.

Telling a success story will enable you to explain the sequence of events leading to your success; building admiration for what you have achieved.




A video is, by far, the most effective media to then tell your success story. It is engaging, which holds the viewer’s attention, and captivating, so they feel a connection with you. Video is now easier than ever to drop into a post on social media or upload it to a streaming site; this makes it the perfect media for delivering a message.

You could do a simple piece to the camera, talking-head style, or, if it’s more involved, you could film a case study about the project detailing the stages and actions involved to achieve your success.


So how do you define success? Well! Success can be anything you want it to be. It could be winning a tender, receiving a new qualification, or completing a project. You define your success. It could even be something personal such as moving into a new office or installing new software.


We all have successes some more than others, but when you’re lucky enough to experience success to be sure to shout as loudly as you can, and it will elevate you and your business, leading to further success, and we all want that. Don’t we?




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