The Bewdley School

Project Description

Advise and help create marketing to increase numbers in the sixth form.

Project Scope

  • Marketing
  • Photography
  • Video
Customer website

The Why

So this was slightly different to our normal projects in the fact this all started because our director Terry was a governor at the school and as such became heavily invested in the marketing side of the school. It was very quickly identified that one area which needed special attention was the intake number for the sixth form and this project was not a quick fix but sustained effort over years.

Luckily everyone from the top down were invested in the future of the school and this made every aspect of marketing easy; this is not always the case if you do not have buy in from all the members of the team. We were also fortunate to have someone who’s responsibility was marketing their dedication was paramount to the success.

How did we go about it?

Working as team, myself and another governor worked with the marketing person at the school to formulate a structured plan over the next year. This included social media strategies, resource creation, advertising (including billboards), website, magazines and  student involvement.

Out of all of this the student involvement was key as this was a school after-all and not only did we need students to help promote it but they also helped develop it and make it. We were in a very fortunate position that we could give back not only in experience to archive the desired result but provide experience to the students how photography and film making was done and get them involved in a world which is hard to gain experience in.


Who doesn’t like stats to prove the actions that were taken: