Photographing Metal Products

Project Description

Photography to create images for hero shots. These are not supposed to show every detail like it would for a product shot but to show the product in an artistic and creative way.

Project Scope

  • Creativity
  • Photography
  • Advertising
Customer website

The Brief

Hartmetall contacted us after watching what we had done on a previous video and how we had brought metal to life and made it be the star of the show and this is what they wanted for the tools that they crafted out of Tungten.

How did we go about it?

So for shots like this, where do the ideas begin?

I always try to keep an open mind until I’ve met with the client and listened to what they have to say. Once you’ve listened to everything and seen everything you have to work with, I then discuss budget (and no, I don’t need to know the figure the client has to spend – although that would be helpful) I give them examples and costs of existing work and they can then guide me to the style they want and expectations are then set to how much they will be spending. Personally, I find that ideas start flowing after listening to the client and I start to discuss ideas and see which I think will work with their marketing message. I will then go away and create mood boards, mock designs (hand-drawn); once this is done I will then go back and present my ideas with a written quotation for the work.

Video of how we created the shots

Sample set of images from the shoot