Oh Betty - Ale

Project Description

We were commissioned to create a visual marketing campaign for local brewer Pershore Brewery.

Project Scope

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Creativity
  • Photography
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The Brief

The brief was to create a poster that would increase awareness and drive sales of the ale within local farm shops and independent pubs and restaurants.

How did we go about it?

The first stage was to understand their desired outcome. The problem they faced wasn’t so much finding a stockist as they had a loyal client base but they needed to atract the their client’s clients (“the punters”) to drink it so that further orders would be placed.

The first stage was a creative meeting, where we discussed several ideas, from this It was decided that a poster campaign was the best solution. It would be placed on the walls in the bars to target the drinkers at the point of sale, encouraging them to buy ‘Oh Betty’.

The design of the label featured a lady; supposedly “Betty” singing in a bar. Our idea was to represent this label in real life with a photo.

Our idea was to represent this label in real life with a photo

The next stage was the planning which involved composing the shot. For the shot we knew we wanted the bottle, with the arm of the drinker watching Oh Betty singing on a stage. There needed to be enough space for text on the poster and it needed to be in a portrait crop.

The next stage was to start scouting for a venue, booking a model that would fit the look on the logo. We were able to find both locally.

We arranged the shoot for a morning at the pub before opening which took around four hours to shoot. We hired a dress and the model had her hair done in the style of the picture ready for the shoot.

We used a smoke machine to add the ambience and portable lighting to capture the shot.

The beer was composited in after to make sure the lighting was perfect on the product. This involved a second shoot in the studio and then we did some post production to achieve the lighting and colours we wanted.

The final stage was to create the poster. We added the illustrations and art work to the final image to produce a poster worthy of peoples attention.

The final image was cropped so that is was ideal for a poster, then a separate crop for social media and another for magazine articles.

Watch a BTS (Behind the Scenes) video of the shoot




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