Mills CNC

Project Description

Photography to create images for clients’ website and also to create assets to be used in high-end brochures and marketing material.

Project Scope

  • Creativity
  • Photography
Customer website

The Brief

Being commissioned to take photos for a manufacturing company starts with a list of questions about the usage.

Sometimes there is a comprehensive brief, but more often than not, we are not afforded that luxury.

Therefore an understanding of marketing and where they can be used, ie websites, social media and advertising campaigns, is essential.

You require knowledge of what is needed for each, including formats, different crops and styles etc.

So when we were asked to take the photos for Mills CNC in Leamington, we were faced with this. We were lucky to be working alongside Ged from Wow Communications, their PR agent, who understands the requirements and has intimate knowledge of the company and the industry.

For Mills CNC, there were several potential uses, social media, the new website they were about to commission and advertising campaigns.

How did we go about it?

It started with a short phone conversation to confirm the timings and forms for the day. Then I sent an email asking for the factory layout, and I visited the existing website to understand more about the company.

On arrival, I met with the marketing manager and Ged, the PR agent, and we discussed the shoot in more detail over what I have to say was a lovely coffee. (I think great coffee in any company is essential, it makes an impression on visitors.)

Once that was completed, we started the shoot.

I used two cameras with different lenses so that we could work quickly. I have a series of flash guns and some stands that I could fire from a remote trigger when I needed a light boost.

We work from section to section, setting up different shots that would accurately capture the process and some that would sell the service element of the business.

This took the best part of the day, including a bite of lunch. When we had finished all departments, we quickly assessed the laptop before leaving to ensure we had everything we needed.

The post-process

This starts with another review of all the images taken on the day; there were over a thousand.

Only a fraction will be delivered, not because they are no good but because a lot of the shots are built; by this, we mean there will be several different angles until we find what works and then added light until we achieve the perfect shot.

This can take a few hours. Once finished, they are uploaded to a proofing gallery and then delivered via our online driver service.

The finished product.

The images have been used for social media, advertising campaigns, and their website.

We have included a few examples here.