NP Aerospace- Visual Content for a new product launch

Project Description

NP Aerospace is a world leader in advanced low weight, high-performance armour systems. They recently developed a new bomb disposal suit that uses cutting edge EOD technology for the global market.

Project Scope

  • Video Production
  • Photography
  • Clipped Images (White Background)
  • Brand visuals
Customer website

This project is an excellent example of combining various photography and video production skills and continually advising and delivering what was needed for their marketing campaign.

The Brief

The Bomb Disposal suit contained several new and innovative features that they wished to communicate to prospective customers.

They were looking for a media company that provided photography and video production services that could be used for both illustrations and promotion.

Firstly they required media content that they can use to communicate the features In the form of an instructional video and manual.

Secondly, they required advertising photography and a brand video to promote the suit to a global prospective audience.

They were already working with their appointed graphic designer Reflection Creative Media (Reflection). Who were responsible for the brand guidelines, any artwork and illustrations. We knew the Reflection team, and we were delighted to work along side them on this project.

How did we go about it?

The instructional Video

This provided instructions on the donning and doffing of the suit and helmet.

We arranged a virtual meeting with Reflection & NP Aerospace to discuss the project detail and the creative elements.
It was decided that we would film on a green screen in our studio to remove the background and add text and illustrations alongside the action. NP Aerospace supplied the model and a member of their engineering team, to advise any technical aspects.

We filmed over the course of a day ensuring we had every element covered.
Once we had gathered all the footage, we started the editing process. The team at Reflection provided all the logos, illustrations and the background used on the video.

The Product Photo Shoot

We arranged an additional studio shoot this time to photograph the suit and all the parts used in the instruction manual.

This was a product shoot, capturing all the items against a neutral background and then cutting them out so that they were on a transparent background.

The high-resolution transparent images were used by Reflection and designed into the instruction manual.

The Brand Video

NP Aerospace required a video that would promote the brand and the Bomb Disposal suit in action. We decided upon a short brand video that would attract attention on social media, highlighting the innovation and benefits.
We arranged another creative session with NP Aerospace & Reflection to decide upon the look and feel for the shoot, also the video length and the creative elements of the shots.
Because the suit was a prototype design, we could not risk early exposure to the outside world just yet, so we arranged the shoot location at their manufacturing facility in Coventry.
The shoot took the best part of a day to capture the shots with three models. The editing process was another couple of days. Whilst editing, we were in continual contact with the brand designer Reflection to ensure that the look and feel was right.
NP Aerospace and Reflections design team had developed a dark and moody brand to reflect the environment in which the suit is often used. We darkened the footage in post-production and added smoke and used the design elements to ensure the brand matched other media. NP Aerospace had some great feedback on the video.

The Hero Shot

In addition to the brand video, we created still shots for advertising in online trade publications and on social media.
We decided upon a shot style in the creative meeting and shot this after we had finished the brand video shoot.

Here is a link to some of the excellent press coverage.

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The new 4030 ELITE Bomb Disposal Suit and Helmet System from NP Aerospace – CBNW Magazine
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DT Studios produced the video and photography for the launch of our new bomb disposal suit – a significant US / global requiring high quality, dynamic content in a very short timescale.

We organised a studio shoot to create instructional content and an onsite shoot at our factory in Coventry with several models to create action video. Working with a bomb disposal suit is not an easy task as there are many factors to consider to make it credible.

Doug Anderson, creative Director guided us on the story board creation, recommending the best way to feature elements of the suit. He ensured we got all the content we needed and worked extremely well with the team.

He is highly professional and passionate about marketing and brought large amounts of energy and creativity to the shoots. He also did a great job of editing, understanding the target audience and proactively bringing new ideas to the project. Would thoroughly recommend Doug to anyone looking for a partner that can deliver high quality, cost effective content in very tight timescales with limited briefing.

Caroline Hardiman – Marketing Manager, NP Aerospace

With Thanks

DT Studios would like to thank NP Aerospace and Reflection Creative Media for the opportunity to work together on this project.
We are confident that the suit will be a great success.