Giving a Helping Hand to Helping Hands Pressure Care

Project Description

Content creation for a visual marketing campaign and website.

Project Scope

  • Visual Marketing
  • 360 Photography
  • Clipped Images (White Background)
  • Video Production
Customer website

Helping Hand Pressure Care in Ledbury manufacture cushions, but not the ones we buy from the supermarket; these are specially designed to manage pressure and help those who sit for long periods.

They have a vast range of products to fit various applications from wheelchairs to standard chairs, which was part of their problem.
How do they make sure that the right product is selected for the right client?

This was even more challenging during the pandemic as they could not travel and talk face-to-face with consultants.
A solution was required, and to solve it, they turned to video.

The Brief

They presented the problem to us, and we were invited to provide a solution.
The decision-maker isn’t usually the user; as this is a medical solution, the cushions are often prescribed by a professional who understands their needs better than they do.

My client needed to reach these people to help them make the right decision.
With so many products available to them, it was easy to become confused or order incorrectly.

From a business point of view, they needed a solution to ensure that the clinician selected the Helping Hand product.

Our Solution

To ensure that the clinician selected a Helping Hand cushion, we had to educate them on the range of products available and then direct them to the best solution.

It makes things easier for the clinician and gives them the confidence that they had chosen the correct solution for their client. By educating the clinician, we are building trust, and this trust will ensure that they use Pressure Care products now and in the future.

We, therefore, proposed to create a series of short videos presented by a representative from HH Pressure Care.

The videos would introduce the benefits of each cushion and offer help and advice on selecting the correct solution and how to place an order.

Each product would have a video with images of the cushion, operational demonstrations and information on sizes and depth.

How did we go about it?

The client prepared scripts for each product.
We then booked a day in the studio to film the presentations to the camera against a green screen. We added the scripts to the autocue, then set up the lighting and set about filming.

Autocue system at DT Studios
The beauty of the green screen meant we could add whatever we wanted in the background. We wanted product and application shots, so we had to go about filming a photographing these.
This involved photographing all the cushions and adaptations in standard and 360 degrees.
To achieve the 360 degrees, we needed to take 24 shots as the cushion rotated to cover each angle. When these are cut out and loaded into the software, you can spin them 360 degrees digitally.

We also needed to film demonstrations, and we did these in the R&D department at the clients where they had all the demo equipment. At the same time, we shot parts of the manufacturing process. This footage would help explain the construction of the cushions.

A testimonial from the client

We approached DT Studios to support us with our requirements through a recommendation which I think is the best way to already give you some confidence in your choice.
Due to no Exhibitions during the pandemic I had a marketing budget that I wanted to use wisely which meant upgrading all of our product images, including 360 degree vision of them and individual product videos for each product in our range.
After a brief meeting with Doug we detailed out what we required and what the best way forward would be, obviously I knew the photography was something they would manage themselves so I sent products up to their studio. Every product image was spot on with several angles and 360 view of them all with very little input needed from us which was great.
When it came to the product videos and presentations this was where I thought the harder work would be, myself and Lottie produced scripts for every video required we spent a day with Doug in the Studio in front of the Green Screen reading the autocue and that was pretty much it.
Doug then went away and did his magic, it amazed me that just from one meeting and hearing our presentations how quickly he understood our business and requirements to edit and produce 12 superb quality videos with such professional content to make the videos interesting.

Since We worked with Doug and Terry this year DT studios have since been requested to do work with other divisions within our Company and in the coming months I have new product photos and presentations to do which I won’t hesitate in taking all of my photography, videography and presentation needs straight to DT Studios.

Mitch Preedy, Sales Manager

Helping Hands Pressure Care

360 Photography

An example of the 360 photography we produced. click over the image to turn it through 360 degrees.