Gentry and Gillie

Project Description

Photography to create images for online marketplaces like Amazon and also to create assets to be used in high-end brochures and marketing material.

Project Scope

  • Creativity
  • Photography
  • Clipped Images (White Background)
  • Video
Customer website

The Brief

Photographs of all of their products for use online at the leading marketplaces (i.e. Amazon) which required all the product images to be cut out so they have a pure white background. The cut-out images can then also be used in marketing materials. Extra photos of the details of the products were also required to showcase the quality of the product. Video promoting the product as an introduction was required for their initial foray into video marketing.

How did we go about it?

We completed all the product shots in the studio on a white background but this would not be sufficient for the online marketplace’s requirements which state that you must have a pure white background around your product. This gives a very clear picture of your product and keeps everything uninformed on their site. As photographers, if we set it so that the camera sees the background as pure white then the product itself will have some aspects (if not most of it) all blown out (this is where an area is pure white and contains no detail). This is not acceptable as the whole point of product photography is to showcase the product in the best possible light and not the background. So when this type of photography is required, we cut the product out and add a shadow if required and then put a pure white background in its place. This method is also useful for products to be used within marketing materials as it allows the designer to merge the product into the marketing material (as shown below on the social media posts we did).
The video was created with a dark background to give ambience to the product and match a story they wanted to tell and let people get immersed into the feel of the product.

Social Media

Social media assets were created from the product shots that were taken. We do this by listening to the client explain their product to us and then we take the key points from what we hear and create the final pieces which match the customer message. Obviously, the customer can be as involved in this as mush as they wish and with most clients they just want us to create something for them including the marketing message which matches their current sales promotions. Although we have shown it here as a complete set with a social media header we provide them as separates so that it is easy for the client to use straight away.





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