Photographing Metal Products

Photographing Metal

Hartmetall Project Description Photography to create images for hero shots. These are not supposed to show every detail like it would for a product shot but to show the product in an artistic and creative way. Project Scope Creativity Photography Advertising Customer website The Brief Hartmetall contacted us after watching what we had done on [...]

Creating The WINN TV Show

The WINN Show Project Description To create an engaging way of reaching their audience, which will provide evergreen content for years to come. Project Scope Creativity Idea Innovation Video Customer website The Brief The brief was very open and non specific; they wanted a new innovative way to engage with their audience and it was [...]

Gerber DIME -Red

Gerber DIME - Red Project Description Photography and design done in studio to create a finished advertisement. Project Scope Creativity Photography Clipped Images (White Background) Design How did we go about it? We started with vision creation and conveying the message of Adventure. As the ideas came in thick and fast, the final image started [...]

Oh Betty – Ale

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