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These days, it’s essential to build and maintain a visual identity. This will help you develop your brand, create awareness, and connect with people, developing trust in your company.

At DT Studios, we specialise in visual media, video production and photography. But we are more than just that. We are qualified marketers with experience working in the manufacturing sector.

Being a Midlands-based agency surrounded by manufacturing companies, we have acquired extensive industry knowledge. Couple that with our digital marketing knowledge and media production skills, and you have the perfect team to understand your business, providing the best solutions to help you achieve your desired results.

Video production

Gone are the lengthy corporate videos about the company’s history; we are in a new era where short product or service-specific videos are supreme.

There is no one size fits all. Different businesses have different needs, and the content of the video is tailored to the audience. 

We look at pain points, overcome objections, engage with the audience and look to build confidence.

We provide a complete service from concept to delivery of the finished productions. This includes planning & storyboarding, filming, editing and marketing.

Here are a few ideas:

brand video

Defines how people perceive you, your company or your product

how-to video

Educate by giving an insight into what they will get

case study

Educate and build confidence in your capabilities


Engage and inform by helping them understand what you do – generating trust and confidence

presentation & webinars

Engage and deliver a particular message

Our marketing services

We don’t just produce the video; we help you make the most of your investment. 

We ensure that the correct audience sees the video on the proper media channels. This may require being on several channels, and the tech requires a different format or crop. 

Talk to us early in your process to ensure you have the best marketing campaign.


We produce professional images of your business, products, processes and people to help enhance your identity.

content creation

Content creation for marketing visuals such as your website, social media, and presentations


Creating professional product images can help to shape how your existing and prospective clients perceive you


Your people make your business, so having professional images can help with company identity and the brand image




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