Architectural & Interiors photography

The beauty of Architectural Photography is that your subject doesn’t move. However, that is where it ends. The truth is that it is one of photography’s most technical skills. 

You have to consider architectural lines, intersections, focus, depth of field, perspective, colours, lens barrelling and exposure (dealing with internal & external light in the same shot). That makes selecting the correct lens a bit of an art in its self. 

Then there are the elements we can’t avoid, such as the weather, available light, obstructions and angle of view.

We have ways of overcoming these problems with special lenses that can change the angle of view. We use apps to determine when is the best time of day to photograph at a specific angle. 

At DT Studios, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge in Architectural Photography as well as all the right equipment to produce first-class results.

Our experience includes working with Property Developers, Architects, Interior Designers, Hotels, Construction Companies, Businesses, and venues.


We are licensed Drone pilots and have a fleet of drones that we use to provide a different angle of view for our clients. There is a specific page for drones, just click here.


Video is another service that we can offer. In addition to the photos we can provide video footage that will showcase any property, building or residence. This can be edited into short snippets for social media or longer productions for web sites and Youtube.

Architectural & Interiors photography

Architectural photography is produced by DT Stduios, for architects, designers and construction companies; for websites, brochures and advertising, all of which need images which will make a lasting impact and stand the test of time.

Interiors can be either on-location or as a set build / room set (built in a studio), so that brochures, websites and adverts can be produced before construction is started. We have packages for estate agents and letting companies; even adverts for Air B&B need great photos to entice customers. Creating that perfect interior photograph is just a click away.

If extra light is required for either internal or external shots, then this is done in order to make sure that I get the best possible images to help you to market your building or room. I use a state of the art camera and lens (tilt-shift) to make sure that quality is not sacrificed in any way.

Extra touching up of the images can be performed if there are areas which are not quite finished, or items are waiting to be replaced.




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