North Worcestershire Business Calendar 2020

Promoting North Worcestershire Businesses is key on my agenda, partly because I’ve lived here for years and made some great friends along the way and it’s a pleasure to help and promote my fellow business people.

So when I was asked for the second year running to be involved in the North Worcester Business Calendar project; of course I said YES! And by getting involved obviously means using my skills as a photographer to help promote these businesses and after the success of last years and people being able to see how far they can push the boundaries of photography, some new challenges were abound.

So over the next year, I’ll post the picture for each month to celebrate that business and explain what was done to each picture whether it was just a straight photograph or a composite which included adding people who weren’t there or mucking about in the studio and cutting people out.

I’m very lucky to be involved with some great business within the area and doing something away from the norm is a great way to brighten the day.

Jane Doyle – NWedR, Madalina Marinca – Opening Doors and Venues, Sharon Southcott – Strategic Professionals, Robert Elliot – Stone Manor, Andrew Baker – Eureka Financial Services, Nicky Ayers – Ecl-ips, Breda Hadley – Citrus IT, Michelle Jones – Rotary, Sam Adkins – Hogarths, Vikki Strong – Invoco, Melanie Hawkett – NWBL
Terry Livesey