New Branded Workwear from Athena

Ever since we rebranded, we’ve talked about getting our branded workwear sorted …. and we’ve talked about it …. and talked about it. So, after a year we thought it was about time to get onto this. However, it really is something we should have done straight away as it plays such an important part in our business, as we’re always on clients sites photographing and videoing their brands and we take LOADS of BTS (Behind The Scenes) photos that we put out on social media.

PPE Branded workwear

I’m pleased to say that we used a local company (which we always try to do) called Athena Wear in Stourport and after a quick meeting (and coffee ☕️) and the emailing of our logo … that was all that was needed until they turned up at the door hand-delivering, none the less, all of our order. Impressive! I still don’t know why I put this off for soooo long, but am glad that we finally made the effort to get it sorted.

So is there something you are putting off which would help you in your business? If so, just go and do it!

Terry Livesey