Marketing Tips to help you Bounce Back

If you’re like us, you will have had most if not all your work cancelled or at best postponed. It’s understandably upsetting, but it’s essential to stay positive and try not to let the current situation get you down. There is plenty a small business can do if you want to give yourself the best chance of bouncing back. You can make the most of the enforced time away by working on your business; and specifically, your marketing. You may feel that this is fruitless if all of your clients have ceased working; however, this is not the case. Keeping your marketing activities going now gives you the best chance of hitting the ground running once things start to move again.

Here are five things you can be doing.


Keep in Touch. Keeping contact with your clients is essential, strike up a conversation on email, by text or on the phone. Better still, you could arrange virtual meetings with clients; for this, you can use Virtual conference tools like Zoom or Skype. Virtual meetings will help to keep projects alive, and on track; we have several arranged already.


Your clients and prospects will be spending a lot of time at home and will be on their social media a lot. Treat this as an opportunity to keep yourselves at the front of their minds.


Create regular good quality content to go out daily, and if you have time create future content for months going forward, this will save you having to do it later when you’re busy. Interact with comments and likes and maybe try asking thought-provoking questions that invite comments.



Update your Marketing Plan. The marketing plan is always something that gets dropped when your busy so you can use the time to do.


Research into your client’s buying habits. What do they need? What are their pains?

Where do they hang out? Such as on Social Media. This will ensure you are posting in the correct sites to reach them.

Review your strategy, what works, and what doesn’t. There will be practices that you do that don’t give the best return; you could review how you could do this better.


Blogging or vlogging is a very effective way of establishing influence. It’s an activity many SME’s never do enough of as they just don’t have the time. Love it or hate it there is no getting away from the fact that this is an excellent way of stamping your authority on a subject you know a lot about and becoming a person of influence.


Think about your reference strategy and ask a few clients for a testimonial. Again it’s something we never seem to have enough time to do when we’re busy.


Testimonials are useful on any website or can be attached to proposals to endorse your work. Try to think of a few clients that had exciting projects on which you could do a case study. Case studies can be produced in written form or as a video and give the client confidence, building trust, a vital objective of any marketing strategy.


I hope that this short article has helped you to stay positive and be ready for the fightback when the time comes. They are all things that can be done from home, so no excuses.

At DT Studios, we are here to help and advise you on your visual marketing strategy. If you would like us to review your marketing or discuss a potential future project, now is a good time. We may not be able to film or photograph just yet, but we can always plan so that we are ready.

Stay safe, and we hope to see you soon.


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