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Social Media Shorts – 5 tips to get your videos noticed.

In the world of social media, It’s no secret that video has become the perfect media to get your message to your audience. But we already know that; the problem is, so does everyone else.

This has made social media a very busy place with many many videos all fighting for attention every minute.

But please don’t let this put you off, Video remains a very effective marketing tool across social media, you just need to think about your content and be creative.

To help you we’ve put together 5 tips that will help get your video attention.

1. Jazz it up

If it catches your eye it’s more likely to be watched. Try doing something different or exciting and add colours and bold text to the video. Music can make a difference as it helps evoke emotion, as does the editing style like storytelling or fast-paced cuts.

2. Keep it short

Your audience’s attention span is tiny so you do not have the luxury of time. We would recommend around 30 seconds, less if you can.

3. Be specific

Focus on one thing only. People will only absorb one message, aspect or benefit and if you try to give them any more they won’t take in any.

If you do need to make more that one point, make it in another video.

4. Clarity

Make it obvious what it’s about, and do it in the first 3 seconds. Use a clear bold text to say what you want to say in a language that your audience will understand.

5. Be Confident

You can’t please everyone so don’t try to. Appeal to those you want to engage with and you’re confident in what you’re saying that will come across in the video.


So get out there and get creative. Producing a short video for social media will help you increase engagement in your posts. Whether you get a professional or do it yourself something is always better than nothing.

Here’s an example of a Social Media Short. This was done by repurposing existing footage.





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