Making the most of your visual media assets

Have you got visual media sitting on a hard drive somewhere?
It may be worth digging them out as they could be helping you market your business—an essential process in the current economic crisis.

Consider visual media as an investment

Whenever you buy a new machine, invest in software or take on a new member of staff you do an exercise to establish the payback for that investment. You need to know when you will see a return on that investment.
You calculate how it will increase production and the positive effects that will have on the business.
Why is it that we don’t do the same process when we commission images or a video produced?

We calculate the costs and incorporate this into the marketing budget but do we work out what return could they give.

So often, the images we create are under-utilised. They are added to the website, or the video is produced and added to YouTube, and that is it, nothing more. They are then archived to a hard drive and forgotten.

Making your visual media work for you

It’s worth considering how those images and unused footage can work for you.

I have always said that creating great visual media for your business is an investment and not a cost, just like the capital investment.
In some ways with both, you are investing in the future of your business. The only difference is that one will help you increase production, and the other is to ensure you have enough orders to satisfy the production.
So what can we do with our visual assets, and how can we re-purpose them?

Here are a few ideas.

Existing images can be treated to a bit of design work and used for social media posts.

You can use them to brighten up blogs or presentations, even adding them to proposals to illustrate your capabilities.

Video footage can be re-purposed and edited into a new story.

You can produce short teaser edits, and these work well on social media.


Summing up

As we come out of a pandemic promoting your business is essential to help speed up your recovery.
Utilising the visual assets you already have will help increase the payback on the original investment.
Remember, visual assets are an investment, not a cost, and re-purposing them, especially in the current economic climate makes good financial sense.

If you’ve got images sitting on a hard drive somewhere and you would like some ideas and advice on what you can do with them, then please get in touch, we’re always happy to help.

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