It’s all about the brief


As a video marketing agency, we see a lot of video briefs, some better than others, but in most cases, they don’t give us everything we need to work up some truly creative ideas.

The video brief is a vital part of the planning process as it enables our creatives to understand you and your brand. It helps us to pitch inspiring storyboard ideas to you, but it also helps you to understand what it is you want and then get everyone involved in the project on board.

So, to help you, help us, help you, I have put together five fundamental points that will help you to deliver a clear and comprehensive brief.



1. Keep it simple: 

Be clear, concise, and informative; it needs to contain all the information required for the project, but please remember it’s a brief, and the word to emphasise here is brief; keep it simple and easy to read.


2. A bit about you:

We need to know who you are and what it is that you do. Also, if you’re promoting a product or service, what are the key features and benefits that people need to know. From the information here, we can try to find a story. If a video has a story, it will make it more engaging for the audience.


3. What are the objectives:

We want to know what it is that you are hoping to achieve and what you would consider a success. Your goals may be to obtain new clients or maybe improved brand awareness, but we need to know a measurable so that we can analyse this later.


4. Who is your target audience?

We must know who we’re talking to so that we can create a video in a style that will appeal to that audience. Also, we need to understand where your clients hang out by this I mean, what social media channels or events do they attend. It is essential to ensure that we create content that will work for this audience.


5. What is the Budget?

We understand the reluctance to let us have this, but we do need to know. Video productions can range from £2000 to £100,000 and above. Our rates for filming and editing remain the same whatever, but the equipment we use, set designs and actors and actresses, and the broadcast media it’s viewed on can vary a great deal. So if we have an idea of the budget, we can tailor a solution that fits you, so no nasty surprises.



We hope you find this article helpful, but if you’re still unsure of anything, we are always willing to help. It may be that you require us around the table to discuss the project and offer our advice, and we are only too happy to do this.

Happy brief writing.

Douglas Anderson
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