Industrial Portraits – Why do something different?

I’m lucky enough to live in an area where manufacturing is big; it’s great, and I think it should be celebrated. All of this makes me want to do something different to the normal team photos or portraits of people that work in these industries and make them shine in their environment.


Now manufacturing environments are never ordinarily clean and tidy, and I LOVE that about them. I love how we craft and create things in this country and the skill that goes into that. By the way, I’m not talking about cups and sandwich wrappers in the workplace (I’ve never seen that anyway), but the oil, swarf, and all things engineering make up the look and feel and enable these skilled workers to craft the future.


So when commissioned to do an industrial portrait, I’ll visit the site and see what we have to work with, to understand what they are trying to achieve with their portraits, i.e. who is it aimed at, what message do they want to present, etc. From here, I will start to come up with ideas, how we can make them stand out, and what equipment is needed – from coloured lights in the background to scissor lifts to get an elevated position, and what editing will be required to create the final images.

Below are some recent images from a portrait shoot we did for Canterbury Tools for their new brochure (which we also designed) to make them stand out and show off their personalities and specialisms.


Terry Livesey