Improve the Conversion Rate of your Proposals

“Were sorry, but you’ve not been successful on this occasion.”

Have you ever received this disheartening email?


We all feel your pain!

You’ve been working hard all week on a proposal that you were confident you could win only to receive the reply nobody wants.
It’s so frustrating; if only they knew just how good you were, the outcome could have been different.
You understood their needs, and you had the capabilities and the experience to deliver.
But It’s challenging to get this information across in a simple proposal.
If only you could have showcased the capabilities of your company, the outcome could have been different.

Don’t despair; there is a solution.

What you need to do is select a successful project from your portfolio, one that has similar criteria and produce a case study detailing what you did and how you did it. This would instil confidence that you can deliver on your proposal.

Then for maximum impact, you can have existing clients endorse your work in the form of a testimonial.

But how would you present this to the client?

There is a danger it would make the proposal document too heavy and it may not be read.
The best way to present your case study is to produce a Video Case Study. Video is engaging and will connect with your client, it can easily accompany any proposal in the form of a link and It can also be used over and over again to accompany other proposals.

So there you have it. A Video Case Study will help to improve your conversion rates — something to consider as so much time and money is spent getting to the proposal stage.

If you want to find out how to go about producing a video case study, follow the link below.

DT Studios Case Study Page

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