I’m too cool for my video!

I’m too cool for my Video!

Why sexy is not always the best option for your video.


We’ve all seen sexy videos on Instagram or on TV for smartwatches, flashy trainers or the latest bike. They’re great, high budget, great shots, interesting angles, and keep us glued to the screen. They sell to us.
Video producers will tell you that there is currently so much content online that they need to make the videos better and better to compete for screen time.
Well, all of this is true, but only if you’re competing in that market.


These are brands in competition with other brands selling directly to the general public. They sell by creating the desire to have their product, and that is why they invest in high budget sexy brand videos.
However, video marketing has multiple uses and can work in any industry and for a much more modest budget.

What can we do?

Videos can inform, educate and endorse your product or services to a very specific audience.
For most of us, our product or service is more functional and is therefore not driven by desire but more by a need. In these instances, you’re not in competition for screen time, especially if your audience is smaller and more bespoke.


Think of it more as a remote salesperson or representative. But one you can send instantly and they are always there whenever needed.

Just like in sales, It’s important to understand who you’re selling to. For instance, your audience may not always be the end-user.

A good example of this is I recently created a suite of videos for a company that manufactures products for postural care. The end-user is the patient, but they do not know what they need and rely upon a consultant or retailer to decide for them.
Whilst the client is the patient, the decision-maker or influencer is the consultant who is selecting the product. We, therefore, concluded that they were our audience for our videos.
We targeted the consultants with a suite of educational videos and not a sexy brand video. The videos were designed to help them to understand the application and specify the right product for their patient. Making their lives easier and ensuring the patient got the best support for them.
The end result was my client’s product was selected in more and more cases, and their sales increased as a result.

So what can we learn from this?

The message here is that Video can be used for much more than you think. Video Marketing is as much about fishing using a line to catch a specific fish as it is casting a wide net.
So what can you do? There are lots of options and creative ideas. Case Studies can endorse a product or service, How-To videos show what you can achieve, and explainer videos help people, so they stay loyal to you.
If you’re not sure how video can help you, then we are always here to help and offer advice.


In Summary

There are lots of options and creative ideas you can choose from, and it’s best to take each application, do your research and create a solution that works based on the results.

A Case Studies or an explainer video might work better than a sexy brand video in your circumstances or depending upon where you are in the marketing process.
If you’re not sure how video can help you, then we are always here to help and offer advice.




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