How did we create the Evening shot in the middle of the day, in summer and people missing?

So when I was told that we needed to create a photo for the November page of the North Worcestershire calendar, all sorts of things came to mind and none more prominent than fireworks! Now this was great, but when I was then told that the team could only get together in a morning and that morning was in early September and it was the sunniest day out, oh and that there may be a couple of people missing and could I add them in later …. well, of course I said, NO PROBLEM!

So below is the original picture that was taken and obviously it is quite different from the finished article, but I hope it goes to show you what can be achieved and even more so in these current times when group photos are not possible, as people were also photographed in the studio and then dropped into the scene.

The best sunny day

Taking a darker exposure image

Darken down the image in editing

Add people into the dark scene. To be fair, the majority of people were taken in this location but they were cut out and added to the best backdrop.

Adding-in extra people, from shots that were taken in the studio and at a different time, on to the location.

Adding-in a shadow for the people so that they looked real in the scene.

The final image. Adding loads of fireworks and colour casting onto the building to make them look realistic.

Terry Livesey