Headshots for staff and teams

Headshots, or business portraits, are great for executives of the business but if you have a team, or staff which are customer-facing in any way, then it’s great to present them in a uniformed company headshot photo and this includes people who only talk to a customer on the end of the phone. Why is this so important? Well, for starters we all like to know who we talk to, or dealing with, and a professionally crafted photo will inspire confidence that you take pride in all areas of your business.

So let’s put it this way: you’re going to hire a business consultant to come in and help with an area of your business; you’ve narrowed it down to two choices and both have exactly the skills and experience you are looking for. Let’s say consultant A has a phone photo taken by someone in his office; it has the rest of the office in the background and it all looks very cluttered (because they haven’t thought about it as they are not a photographer) and also the lighting on the consultant isn’t very flattering because, well, no lighting was used besides the light in the ceiling. Now, consultant B has taken the time to get a professional business portrait done; he’s had a discussion with the photographer regarding who he is trying to attract with the image. The photographer has directed the consultant on the best way to look and pose for the photo, making sure that confidence and professionalism are portrayed perfectly. Also, the photographer has then edited the final image to make sure nothing is out of place and every bit of lint etc is removed so that the image can be used in high resolution for print if required. Now, which consultant would you go with?

After all, we all make split-second judgments with our eyes and a photograph will give you that split-second edge.

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