Having a little internal competition – How I created my advertising shot

Over the Christmas period, we came up with the idea of having a little internal competition to help us develop and challenge ourselves with you, our friends and clients to decide who will be the winner! But you were not to know who’s was who’s; so no pressure.

So for the first competition, it was based on creating an advertising poster!

The brief:

Create an advertising poster for a product.
The product cannot be a mainstream ‘want’ product like a Tag watch, Porsche etc that everyone will like for the product rather than the advertisement.
It could be a mainstream product like Georgio aftershave or Maltesers as these are everyday reasonably priced items rather than expensive dream items.
Set budget – £50
Product budget – £50
We can use things we already have but we have to account for their value or estimate a value for them.
Format: A4 portrait

The Winning Image (by Terry btw)

If you would like to see a video of how I created this final image from start to finish then check out the video below.

Terry Livesey