Sponsoring the ‘Make it Happen Challenge’

We are very proud to be one of the sponsors of this years ‘Make it Happen Challenge’ from WINN (Worcestershire Innovation). We sponsored last years challenge and had a fantastic time on the ‘winners journey’ and it was a real pleasure to see how successful the winning contestant was due to all the help and […]

Why a Video Case Study will win you more business

We live in a time when business is fierce, and deals are won and lost on small margins. We spend a lot of time on marketing to our clients to keep the sales funnel topped up, that takes time and money so reasonable conversion rates are critical. What can a case study video achieve? Used […]

How did we do it? The Kettle shot

The Brief For this shot we wanted to create a product shot that would not only demonstrate our technical knowledge with lighting but the art of avoiding unwanted reflection. Reflective objects are notoriously difficult to photograph especially when they are sphere shaped. We chose the kettle because of it’s shape and it’s reflective material, as […]