North Worcestershire Calendar – April Winner

The April winner of the North Worcestershire 2020 Calendar is Danton HR who won the April slot with their words: You can’t help but be excited by North Worcestershire – it’s got everything! Excellent education, outstanding High Schools, a University generating a pipeline of talented, enquiring minds. There’s nowhere better to be inspired and it’s […]

North Worcestershire Calendar – March Winner

The March winner of the North Worcestershire 2020 Calendar is Invoco Telecom who won the March slot with their words: Not only does North Worcestershire have its own natural beauty, the network of businesses that are based here work together seamlessly, and their combined effort creates its own kind of beauty that is often hard […]

North Worcestershire Calendar – February Winner

The February winner of the North Worcestershire 2020 Calendar is Ecl-ips who won the February slot with their words: Imagine a place with great towns and countryside, allowing you to build a business, being able to network and share ideas. A place perfectly placed to reach everywhere… Well imagination isn’t needed – we’re here right […]

North Worcestershire Calendar – January Winner

The January winner of the North Worcestershire 2020 Calendar is Opening Doors and Venues who won the January slot with their words: Having opened our first door here twenty years ago, North Worcestershire is unquestionably where our heart is! Working in a predominantly rural area enhances the wellbeing of our team and inspires us to […]

North Worcestershire Business Calendar 2020

Promoting North Worcestershire Businesses is key on my agenda, partly because I’ve lived here for years and made some great friends along the way and it’s a pleasure to help and promote my fellow business people. So when I was asked for the second year running to be involved in the North Worcester Business Calendar […]

Sponsoring the ‘Make it Happen Challenge’

We are very proud to be one of the sponsors of this years ‘Make it Happen Challenge’ from WINN (Worcestershire Innovation). We sponsored last years challenge and had a fantastic time on the ‘winners journey’ and it was a real pleasure to see how successful the winning contestant was due to all the help and […]