🤫 The secret to your marketing success

Visual content has grown to be an essential part of any effective marketing plan in the current digital era. Visuals are what draw our attention and cause us to pay attention, whether in social media posts or product advertisements. Within this blog, we shall explore the importance visual content has in marketing and how it […]

I’m too cool for my video!

I’m too cool for my Video! Why sexy is not always the best option for your video.   We’ve all seen sexy videos on Instagram or on TV for smartwatches, flashy trainers or the latest bike. They’re great, high budget, great shots, interesting angles, and keep us glued to the screen. They sell to us. […]

Headshots for staff and teams

Headshots, or business portraits, are great for executives of the business but if you have a team, or staff which are customer-facing in any way, then it’s great to present them in a uniformed company headshot photo and this includes people who only talk to a customer on the end of the phone. Why is […]