BTS (Behind the Scenes) of the WINN Show

We have had a lot of fun creating The WINN Show over the last several months and, with one episode left to go, we thought now would be a great time to show you some of the BTS footage from the shows (kindly put together by our friends over at F8 Creates in Worcester).

Creating an internet TV show came at just the right time, as the pandemic was just beginning and all live events were about to be cancelled for the foreseeable future; only as of today do we maybe have a glimmer of hope of returning to (a form of) normality by the last quarter of the year. Creating any type of series comes with its challenges and budget limitations, but with an amazing team we were able to produce, create and promote a fantastic series which will keep on giving well after the episodes go live, which in this day and age of the internet is an absolute must to ensure you make the most of marketing opportunities.

In this new world of opportunity, where everyone has embraced change with an amazing amount of enthusiasm and gusto, we continue to create this format for companies looking to expand their offerings and engage via new media and new generations. So if you would like to find out more about creating something a little bit different and exciting, just give me a call.

Have a look at the videos and I hope you enjoy them as much as we did in making them. 😁


BTS of The WINN Show

Put together by F8 Creates in Worcester for us –

it’s very difficult to film the talent and yourselves at the same time

A Vlog I did during the creation of The WINN Show

Episode 1 of The WINN Show

Terry Livesey