Brand Video – Five reasons why you need one.

Brand Video – Five reasons why you need one.

A brand video is fast becoming an essential part of any marketing campaign. But why is this, and why do you need one?

To better understand this, we need to understand what a brand is. Your brand is how people perceive you, your company or your product. It is your identity and is based on an emotional and psychological connection.

It is about shaping your audience’s perception, building credibility, desire or awareness.

Here are five reasons why you need one.

It can reach a lot of people.

A brand video can be posted directly on organic social media to reach your existing audience or an advert to reach a new audience.

All social media sites love video; It keeps the viewer on the page longer than text. Therefore they will push a video out to a broader reach, and it’s in their interest to do so. Make sure that you upload the video directly onto the site and not a link too to the video on a hosting platform.

Adverts on social media can be targeted and suit various budgets. Selecting the specific demographic or geographic location, you can monitor your spending and experiment until success.

It creates brand awareness.

Video catches people’s attention, compelling them to click the button and watch.
Once someone is aware of a brand, they notice it without assistance.
This allows you to deliver your message to your audience as you have their attention held for longer.
It also creates an association, associating specific actions with your brand.

It humanises your brand.

If people can relate to you as a person, they will feel more comfortable. Storytelling can help here as it humanises your brand. We all like a good story, especially if it’s interesting; It can help tap into our emotions.

It strengthens your brand image.

It can help you craft your personality and amplify the core elements of your brand.
You are shaping how people perceive you, your business or your product.
Use colours, music, and language to emphasise your image style to your audience and make an impression.

It sticks in people’s memory.

Studies have shown that viewers retain 95% of what they see and hear in a video compared to 10% from a text.
This is quite staggering, don’t you think! You must make the message stick for people to act upon it. In addition to this, you can use the video repeatedly to reinforce your message.



Producing a brand video is becoming easier to achieve, and you don’t need an eye-watering budget to achieve it either. You can create multiple videos based on products or campaigns that will work for your brand. This will only help increase the chance of success and give an even greater return on investment.

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