North Worcestershire Calendar – November Winner

The November winner of the North Worcestershire 2020 Calendar is Eureka Financial Solutions who won the November slot with their words: We have been based in North Worcestershire since 2005 – why? Because it’s friendly and relaxed, it has good communication and transport links and the Business community want to work with each other. Nowhere […]

North Worcestershire Calendar – October Winner

The October winner of the North Worcestershire 2020 Calendar is Citrus Computing who won the October slot with their words: Where better for our business and our clients than North Worcestershire, it is the ‘Heart of England’ and ‘The Home of UK Manufacturing’ mixed with beautiful countryside, fabulous scenery and with its great transport links […]

North Worcestershire Calendar – September Winner

The September winner of the North Worcestershire 2020 Calendar is Champion Security Installations who won the September slot with their words: Not only do we have a great support network for business with NWBL, being in the heart of the country allows easy access to do business with customers countrywide. Being located in North Worcestershire, […]

Running to the Billboard

When you have a photograph taken, do you just think of the image or about how it can be utilised? It’s actually quite common for people not to think about an ‘end product’, but rather that they just need a photograph; the good news is, we’re here to help you get the best Return On […]

North Worcestershire Calendar – August Winner

The August winner of the North Worcestershire 2020 Calendar is Hogarths Stone Manor who won the August slot with their words: “Hundreds of years, thousands of ideas, millions of people, excited and inspired to succeed, enrich themselves, and contribute to the community in North Worcestershire. Crafts to technology, early years to apprenticeship, and tradition to […]

A bit about brand

We often get asked to create videos and photography to help promote a brand. But what is a brand and what is its purpose? I have written this blog to help you understand a bit about branding and how photography and video can help. What is a brand? There are many statements out there that […]