North Worcestershire Calendar – September Winner

The September winner of the North Worcestershire 2020 Calendar is Champion Security Installations who won the September slot with their words: Not only do we have a great support network for business with NWBL, being in the heart of the country allows easy access to do business with customers countrywide. Being located in North Worcestershire, […]

Running to the Billboard

When you have a photograph taken, do you just think of the image or about how it can be utilised? It’s actually quite common for people not to think about an ‘end product’, but rather that they just need a photograph; the good news is, we’re here to help you get the best Return On […]

North Worcestershire Calendar – August Winner

The August winner of the North Worcestershire 2020 Calendar is Hogarths Stone Manor who won the August slot with their words: “Hundreds of years, thousands of ideas, millions of people, excited and inspired to succeed, enrich themselves, and contribute to the community in North Worcestershire. Crafts to technology, early years to apprenticeship, and tradition to […]

A bit about brand

We often get asked to create videos and photography to help promote a brand. But what is a brand and what is its purpose? I have written this blog to help you understand a bit about branding and how photography and video can help. What is a brand? There are many statements out there that […]

Do we need 8k video?

8K video – you’ve probably only just bought a 4k TV 📺. But already, the industry is pushing creators towards recording in 8k (when most of them haven’t even upgraded to 4k) by producing cameras that record in 8k – okay, so this is getting into the top end of the market, but it won’t […]

North Worcestershire Calendar – July Winner

The July winner of the North Worcestershire 2020 Calendar is Fresh Nous who won the July slot with their words: North Worcestershire is a spirited and diverse region where both rural and urban landscapes, industries and businesses thrive alongside each other. From bedroom businesses to cutting edge innovators and global corporations North Worcestershire nurtures a […]

North Worcestershire Calendar – June Winner

The June winner of the North Worcestershire 2020 Calendar is Strategic Professionals who won the June slot with their words: North Worcestershire is dynamic, innovative and picturesque. In 2017, it led the UK for productivity growth offering an ‘exceptional quality workforce and high levels of innovation’ – the ultimate environment to nurture businesses. To enter […]