Autocue system at DT Studios

Autocue – it will make you a superstar (in our opinion)

You might have seen it occasionally on TV when they have panned around the studio or if you have ever been to a live event; autocue is useful technology and most shows have them (or did you think everyone was amazing at presenting and never making a mistake or missing a beat?).

Nothing is left to chance and time is money!

Autocue isn’t just for expensive TV productions. In fact, we would rather you use autocue, feel relaxed and present to your audience like the total professional you are. See, presenting in front of the camera can make people freeze up a little if they are not used to it (yes, I did just confirm your worst fear of the camera!) and that is why we want you to feel relaxed: when you talk about your business to other people, you are amazing because it is ‘your thing’ and we want the audience to realise that as well.

So next time you have an idea for a promotional video, case study or testimonial, then ask for the autocue system; watch the video below to learn more about it and what it looks like. In our opinion, it will make you a screen superstar (and we want you to feel comfortable because we would like you to have more of them done!).


Terry Livesey